Genius of Autism

The McCarton Foundation’s Genius of Autism. The Genius of Autism is a programmatic initiative which hosts educational and inspirational events celebrating the incredible talent that exists on the autism spectrum and honors young artists with autism. From singers and dancers to painters and animators, the program brings together a diverse group of young people from around the world whose extraordinary talents are truly inspiring.

The 2011 inaugural Genius of Autism event event took place at Carnegie Hall and featured the amazing performances young people with autism as well as celebrity performances and presentations from names like Deepak Chopra, Alicia Keys, Bill Cosby, Holly Robinson Peete, and more.

This Genius of Autism captures the very spirit of McCarton Foundation. It provides us with an opportunity to share with the public what we see every day: the incredible ability that exists on the autism spectrum. Where others may see limitation, we see extraordinary potential.

Become a Butterfly

In 2014 the McCarton Foundation’s Genius of Autism program had the opportunity to partner with Korean artist, Yun-Mo Ahn, on a world-wide art project titled “Become a Butterfly.” The McCarton Foundation coordinated with 18 schools and programs for children with autism in the tri-state area to create their own butterfly works of art. The Genius of Autism and Mr. Ahn’s concept behind the Become a Butterfly project was a shared belief that children on the autism spectrum, like butterflies who begin as caterpillars, are not always seen for the extraordinary potential they possess. Over 300 butterflies were submitted and displayed at the Port Authority, Rockefeller Preserve, and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).