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Academy of Fine & Performing Arts

The Genius of Autism Academy of Fine & Performing Arts

The Genius of Autism Academy of Fine & Performing Arts will launch in January 2013 with its inaugural branch, the the Train The Talent (TTT℠) Art Studio at McCarton. We will be offering art classes designed to cultivate the artistic talent of young people on the autistic spectrum. The fine arts program has been developed by Dr. Rosa Martinez of Strokes of Genius, Inc., who represents world-recognized artists from around the globe in an effort to create awareness of “ability” rather than the “disability” associated with autism. Her unique Train The Talent  (TTT℠) Art Studio Classes are designed to build confidence, develop leisure skills, promote self-awareness and increase overall communication while building social and emotional skills within the teaching environment.

“Our diverse teams of talented instructors are highly-trained teaching artists who have received TTT℠ certification, continually working to evaluate, assess, and identify best practices within the increasingly important field of social and emotional education. Our programs keep students engaged while promoting important life skills like active listening, decision-making, self-motivation and self-confidence.”  ~ Dr. Rosa Martinez

Whether your child has a “gift” or “talent” for art; or just a basic interest in doodling, TTT℠ Art Studio classes at McCarton will help to develop the particular skill level, and can be individually tailored to address the specific needs of students. Classes include instruction in drawing, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting.

The TTT℠ Art Studio classes at McCarton introduce individuals on the autism spectrum to an art studio experience. Instructors guide and support students through the creative process using behavior management techniques to encourage motivation, choice, and problem solving. An emphasis is placed on identifying, establishing and expanding existing artistic repertoires over time, by introducing new subject matter, materials and art-related vocabulary. Students explore different sensory properties of art materials, allowing their unique visual voices to be expressed in their art.

We look forward to the continued growth of the Academy of Fine & Performing Arts as the program expands to include multiple artistic disciplines including music, dance, and theatre. To reserve your spot for TTT℠ Art Studio classes in January or for more information email