Give Hope

Help us launch a center in the South Bronx for children with developmental disabilities living in poverty

We can educate families. Working closely with religious institutions, community centers, housing projects, and other organizations important to the underserved community, we will host educational events and distribute information about the importance of early evaluations and how families can help their children with developmental delays.

We can give them guidance. There are publicly-funded services available to low-income families, but navigating the complicated and constantly-changing public systems isn’t easy. We can be their guides and advocates, helping them understand all of the available resources.

We can provide free evaluations. Children with developmental disabilities from low-income families aren’t getting evaluated early enough. Even though funding exists through programs like Early Intervention that will fully cover the cost, families don’t understand the importance of getting an early evaluation and poor neighborhoods lack qualified teams to conduct the evaluations. By providing free evaluations at our center in the heart of an underserved community, we can help families take the first step in getting their special needs children the help they need.

We can be a therapeutic home for special needs children in the neighborhood. We are in the process of becoming an approved agency to deliver therapies fully-funded by the Early Intervention program and the Department of Education. We selected the location of our new center in the South Bronx because of the great need this community has for a center like ours. Rather than having to travel long distances or to several different locations for treatment, we can provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and ABA therapy under one roof and right in their neighborhood.

We can give hope. With support and guidance for families and high-caliber treatment for children with developmental disabilities, tremendous progress is possible.

Help us give hope.