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About the School

Founded on the belief that children diagnosed with ASD can live full and productive lives as integrated members of their communities, the McCarton School provides year-round, individualized instruction to children ages 3-18 using an integrated multi-disciplinary model that begins with a strong foundation in ABA.


While following the New York State Learning Standards, McCarton instructors and therapists work with students on academics as well as motor planning and skills, communication, social skills, adaptive skills, and play and leisure time. Through intensive intervention using a broad based curriculum under the principles of ABA, our goal is to help the students learn and grow to move to less restrictive educational and community settings.


The McCarton School is equipped with two gymnasiums, a library, auditorium, and cafeteria so that students have access to a wide range of educational, therapeutic and leisure activities. Technology is integrated into learning and communicating; students have access to a variety of computers, tablets, and even a Wii!

Parent involvement:

At the McCarton School, we recognize that parent training and communication is an integral process to successfully moving students to a less-restrictive environment. We see our parents as active partners in their children’s education and hold an open-door policy so that they can view their child’s program at any time.